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Welcome to my blog 👁️‍🗨️

Here I post a variety of tutorials, commentary and personal blogging.

Who am I?

My name's Dave. I am a developer, enthusiastic viewer of many TV series and occasional writer / blogger.

I have worked as a developer for around 18 years now. My primary area of expertise and interest is web development. ❤️ PHP, Symfony, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, programming in general. If you've stumbled across my personal domain, it's pretty likely you're in to those things too.

Throughout my career I've been involved with all parts of the software lifecycle. I've seen what works, what doesn't work, what challenges we face as teams and organisations and some of the ways we can effectively overcome them.

You can find out more on my about me and FAQ pages in the top menu, or dive straight in to some probably more interesting articles and posts (unless you're one of the early visitors and I haven't written any yet - check back later).

Latest News

I thought my blog was looking a bit boring (or maybe I was bored), so I decided to add a random banner I made at the top and slightly spruced up how quote sections appear.

Relevant Simpsons meme

Well, basically I just copied the website I have now. Then I added a random lightning banner to lower wind resistance. And this blockquote styling here I feel is pretty sharp.

Recent posts

Saturday 10 February 2024, 17:18

The difference between failure and success isn't whether you make mistakes, it's whether you learn from them.

musings coding

Monday 22 January 2024, 20:15

Recalling the time I turned down a job offer because the company's interview technique sucked.



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Friday 19 January 2024, 18:50

Recalling the time I was rejected on the basis of a tech test...for the strangest reason!


Monday 28 August 2023, 11:26

Why type hinting an array as a parameter or return type is an anti-pattern and should be avoided.


Saturday 17 June 2023, 15:49

Leveraging the power of JSON and RDBMS for a combined SQL/NoSQL approach.