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DocLite 1.1.0 released

Earlier this year I released DocLite, an open source NoSQL database for PHP built on top of SQLite 3 (it powers this blog). I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.0, which adds two major new features:

  • Flexible full text searches on documents, using the SQLite FTS5 extension.
  • Ability to join a collection to one or more other collections and aggregate the matching results in to the retrieved documents.

DocLite is free software released under the MIT licence and can be installed via Composer from Packagist:

composer require dwgebler/doclite

GitHub: https://github.com/dwgebler/doclite

DocLite is intended as a more powerful, faster and more robust alternative to flat file stores. It is not a replacement for full client-server database systems, but is suitable for a wide range of use cases in small to medium sized web applications and services.

If anyone finds it useful, great, if anyone finds any bugs or has any suggestions for future improvements or new features, please let me know!


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reda aloui Monday 18 April 2022, 00:14

awesome Dave, I used to use SleekDB, but I 'll give it a try, appreciate all the effort and the library. keep up

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